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Neil makes the work process seamless and exciting - he is a skilled communicator and has unparalleled taste in many forms of design. 

He is hard working, great with clients and his light hearted personality makes him a pleasure to be around.

Magdalena M

Neil’s got a love for luxury and is naturally chic, but he’s also a down to earth caring individual with determination to spare.  He genuinely cares about people and his desire to help shines through in everything he does.  When a job needs to get done Neil will always go the extra mile to make sure it’s a success.

Allison Swan

I cannot tell you how easy it was to work with Neil. He’s obviously got a huge passion for design, a contagious enthusiasm, loves finding items that he knows will match your style and is such a detail oriented person, he even chose brilliant accents and accessories. From concept to manifestation, the restyling of my home was an absolute joy and I look forward to consulting him again for future purchases.


Neil Schmidt Design Business Card Graphic Design
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